Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Saving My Sanity

2.5 H2s and all H1s down! One last paper, 6 days later. I hope this is the end of my journey to a local university. No exhorbitantly-priced private institutions for me please. Fucking lao kui for me only.

Anyway, drama today. Was about to finish showering when I realised water was refusing to drain away and the bathroom was flooded. Turns out the bathroom drain was clogged.

Went to the other bathroom wanting to slap on moisturiser and sunblock and found out that the excess floodwater was drained to there...

That meant that I couldn't use any water sources in my house without potentially causing water damage in the flat. I couldn't do anything that required water. Thank god I was already prepared for school. And then I left the house.

5 hours later, after my paper and a sinful dessert with Genevieve, I reached home (dry, thankfully) only to find out that the clogs weren't removed yet =( my bathrooms weren't fixed.

I was panicking 'cos I had to meet my boyfriend later on. I had to wash up, shower, smell nice and look presentable (in short, my usual self), but there was no way I could use water without worsening the floods. Then I thought, I could shower at my boyfriend's place, since asking my neighbours whether I could borrow their bathrooms was out of the question... (and asking friends who lived nearby was weirder)

But the pressing issue was that my bladder was bursting and I needed the toilet urgently. And I couldn't go because I couldn't wash my hands after... using hand sanitisers didn't seem hygienic enough... and I did not want to use any public toilets nearby because I know they're crazy dirty and I have this dislike for dirty toilets...

So I had to wait for my boyfriend to pick me up and head over to his place so I could use his toilet and shower. Nonetheless I still looked presentable enough and smelled decent haha! The journey to Geylang seemed so long suddenly and there was also the evening traffic jams =( Raced with him to the toilet from the main gate!

Because of me we couldn't really go out to celebrate our 10th month-sary! (So teenybopper. Happiie 10 m0nths w0rz) Felt okay with it cos I didn't feel like going out. Burned out from the A level exams man!

Oh and I can never feel at ease in his place at night. There's this cat that keeps coming into the house and she's kinda like their pet? His family feeds her and sayangs her and rarely chases her out.

One evening I saw a mouse next to the cat. The cat caught one and she looked so satisfied and proud! But soon after the mouse ran away! Later on at night I saw her playing with something in her mouth... There was a tail hanging out of her mouth... I didn't bother to check and ran back upstairs to the boyf's room, terrified...

Turns out the cat really killed the mouse! Sigh I know it's the cat's basic instinct but I've never seen a domestic cat with her prey? Gosh. And cats play with their prey/food too =/ Traumatised ever since. I've been staying away from the cat ever since that day, even though she loyally comes every evening/night...
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  1. I'm 5 years late but I'm really sorry you went through what you did and I wished you never chose that path. RIP.