Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Listen up, the future is bulletproof
The aftermath is secondary
It’s time to do it now and do it loud
Kill joys make some noise!

Ok I know I screwed up my first A Level paper (Geography Paper 1). Mark allocation for DRQ was insane. Oh man :(

Chemistry Paper 3 would be coming up soon, in less than 10 hours, and the only way I would get an A is that my script amazingly/mistakenly gets swapped with some genius' during marking and thus rewarding me with that poor dude's stellar grade. The probability of that happening is as high as me winning Miss Universe. Also as possible as me being pure blood royalty (PRINCESS!). You know... Maybe I was born in a time of instability and danger and I was handed over to commoners (my lovely parents), so enemies couldn't track down my royal family lineage. I'd be handed my royal title once I turn 21 (the legal adult age in Singapore). Alright I better stop this nonsense (& FACE REALITY! )Well, a girl is allowed to dream, isn't she?


I also realise I am, deep down, very sensitive when it comes to ex-lovers, old flames, former partners, etc etc... (in the most general term: EX-es!) I mean, on the surface, I try to be the cool girlfriend without the bad temper.

But sometimes I fail...

1. Thinking to self: "Oh hey my Facebook news feed is flooded with my ex-boyfriend's photo album. Is that his new girlfriend? Oh god... She's short. And not cute. And probably has bad breath and body odour. She's probably not very smart too."

2. "Oh you went out with (or slept with) 243354656 girls before me? I'm cool with that... It's your past..."

3. "WTF HE ONCE DATED HER?!?!?! SHE'S LIKE A MIDGET... I bet I'm taller than her by 20cm or so... And I'm hotter... Bigger tits and all..."

4. The realisation that every guy I've gone out with has dated or is dating a short girl. (Seriously I only know a handful of dudes who are confident enough to date tall girls.)

"We did the same thing too :("
"Why doesn't he do that with me..."


Okay some parts are exaggerated but the main gist is still there. (Seriously, I'm kidding for certain segments.) I try not to be bitchy but I'm human. I try to show some respect but I can't do it all the time. I judge and compare, and somehow attempt to make myself feel better. In crude terms, I'm just being kaypoh, right? I don't want to be the psychotic miserable girlfriend =.=

(BTW, it doesn't count if my guy's bitching about his ex-es. I find it hilarious... And not implying that my current boyfriend does that. He's too nice to do that HEHE.)

And it doesn't help that, in this Internet age, I unintentionally (or is it not...?) stumble upon certain information... Seriously there is little privacy with the rampant usage of Facebook, Twitter and blogs. (*cough* some call it Internet stalking *cough* but I disagree, I never wanted to know so much...)

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