Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Free Bird

It's been a week since the A Levels ended for me! I'm having my holidays now! It got off with a rocky start because I was quite ill :( But nonetheless, the past 7 days were great. I had fun and I spent time with some very fantastic people.

Anyway, I was looking forward to getting a decent haircut. I needed some change in my life, so I thought "why not start with my hair?!". And because the entire Lee family gets their hair cut at the same salon, they booked me an appointment at the very same salon. Guangzu's mother got me the hairstylist who had a penchant for hacking patrons' hair to much shorter lengths. I was initially at ease with this arrangement but the Lees kept freaking me out about by telling me (complete with hand gestures) how the hairstylist was going to cut my hair really really short.

So yeah on that very life-changing day, I went to the hair salon nervous. I kept thinking in the car, "OMG MY HAIR LENGTH IS AROUND MY NAVEL. PLEASE DON'T CUT IT INTO A BOB. I WON'T LOOK GOOD."

Bye bye, mad long hair. I will sorely miss the tangles, fallen hair, weight, damaged/split ends... NOT!

I entered the salon and the stylist asked me what I had in mind. I had no idea. She gave me her input and suggestions and I gave the green light! Then she took a pair of scissors and bluntly cut the last 3 inches of my hair. Sob sob.

Next, I got my hair washed! The girl washing my hair said I had really really long hair. (Well, I'm taller than most girls and I've got a long torso... so hair till my navel is pretty damn long! Hehehe.)

After that was the cut and blow dry! The stylist hacked more of my hair off. She said it was an honour for her to cut my hair short and that I had "beautiful hair". (I'm quoting her!) She was really sweet, nice and attentive and before I knew it... I had shorter and layered hair!


Then she asked what fringe I wanted. I wanted a side part because it was easier to maintain... But then she nudged me towards bangs and went on about how I could pull it off... I knew that was the point of no return. I hesitated at first but gave in to temptation and got bangs anyway! Hehehe.

I was very satisfied with my haircut. I felt so happy and pampered... LIKE A PRINCESS HAHAHAHA. Two people were drying my hair at the same time. They said I had "beautiful straight hair". Teeheeeheeeeeeeeeee.

The stylist was really nice. She said I was naturally pretty too! "她很漂亮!自然漂亮!" But I am keeping the names of this salon and the stylist a secret cos I don't wanna share wtf. Selfish haha. She's already so busy. Ok just kidding. I'd tell if anyone asked! And I think it's quite obvious from the photos if you hang out in town often...

Teeheehee. I left the salon bursting with bliss. I was rambling on to my boyfriend on how happy I was and that nothing could ruin my day. "OMG I THINK THE SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER HAS COKE OR SOMETHING. I AM SO HAPPY!!!!" (obviously a joke)

We mere mortals will never master the salon blow-dry. HOW DO THEY DO IT?!

I'm totally having trouble recreating this look. The bangs do not stay straight or even most of the time :(

BTW, Guangzu (the photographer) kept smiling throughout my entire haircut. It was creepy.

And I got compliments from everyone! Except for boyfriend's brother :(
Obviously, GY was uninformed that I might have probably changed his brother's views on bangs. YOURS TRULY, IS PULLING THEM OFF. And GZ doesn't hate bangs! Unless he's lying to me >=(

So that concludes one chapter in The Chronicles of Krystal Aki Mizoguchi's Hair.

On a side note, I'm envious of boyfriend's family. They are so close-knitted and are some of the nicest, sweetest, most wonderful, fantastic, awesome people I know. It would definitely suck if I had to stop knowing them.


He refuses to take a decent photograph with me. We are the most camera-shy couple ever. We seldom take pictures and don't camwhore. Jeez are we abnormal?!


It's insane. I suddenly have all the time in the world for trivial matters! I can watch TV dramas, take hour-long showers, eat/sleep at any time of the day, go out and come back home at any ungodly hour. Basically I'm a free woman, I can do anything I want!

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